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Typography & Layout

OutWrite Newsmagazine

Alternative Logos

Rainbow Gradient Logo Sticker (Spring 2023) (1).png
Spooky Logo Sticker (Fall 2022) (2).png

Color (Spring 2023)

Satanic Panic (Fall 2022)

Yassified Logo Sticker (LA Pride 2022) (1).png

LA Pride (Summer 2022)

Title Design


"Culture" (2023) | Adobe Photoshop

Cover Title REVISED.png

"Queer Rage, Resistance & Renaissance" (2022) | Cut-and-Paste Collage, Adobe Photoshop

Magazine Layout

"Color" (Spring 2023)

View the full magazine here.

"Culture" (Winter 2023)

View the full magazine here.

"Satanic Panic" (Fall 2022)

View the full magazine here.

Personal Work

Personal Brand Typeface (cpikoart) | Procreate

Business Card Mockup.png

beauty remastered (Font] (2021)

Reconciling An Empty Sky: A Journey Through "Chinese Satellite" by Phoebe Bridgers (2021) | Adobe InDesign