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Christopher Ikonomou (he/xe)

Queer and Disability Pride, Activism, and Representation

Christopher Ikonomou is the 21-year-old transgender and disabled artist and aspiring filmmaker behind cpikoart. Xe was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome at 18 months old, always traversing the world in a hyper-visible, stigmatized body. His work primarily explores the intersections between queerness and disability, often centering his own experiences as a chronically ill and trans individual.


He is currently studying Communication and Disability Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. Xe serves as Editor-In-Chief at UCLA's queer newsmagazine, OutWrite, and a student organizer with the Disabled Student Union on campus.




Christopher was an artist for CASETiFY's Pride Month 2022 collection.

He also just released his personal collection, "All Shapes and Sizes"!

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