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Christopher Ikonomou xe/he

Fighting for Marginalized Representation

West Coast Page at NBCUniversal, January 2024 Cohort

B.A. in Communication and Disability Studies from UCLA

I'm a 22-year-old trans and disabled artist, writer and filmmaker with a particular interest in design, representation and advocacy. I've enjoyed a lifetime of speaking up for my and others' marginalized communities since being diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome at an young age. I love involving intersectional activism in my artistry and hope to use my voice to make a positive impact in the entertainment industry.


Visit my Etsy shop for queer and disability merchandise or check out a variety of work in my portfolio!

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I sell stickers, buttons, pins and prints centering queer and disability pride and activism!

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I was an official artist in CASETiFY's Pride Month 2022 campaign, available online and at their Sydney, Australia location!

I also released a personal collection titled "All Shapes and Sizes" in Summer 2022.


About Me

About My Advocacy

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